Education, Background, Experience, Training, Certifications and Memberships


Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts– Marietta College Marietta Ohio, 1968.

Criminology, Abnormal Psychology and Sociology- Ulster County Community College, Stone Ridge New York, 1989.

Mark Twain Studies Advance Graduate Certification as a Mark Twain scholar- Elmira College, Elmira New York, 2003.

Masters Degree in Professional Studies in Humanistic Education- State University of NY, New Paltz, New York, 2005.

Advanced Judicial Education Program- State University at Potsdam, Potsdam New York, 2012.

New York State Judicial Institute 2012-2019- One hundred credits on judicial subjects: Laws, ethics, bail, discovery, vehicle and traffic laws, summary proceedings, sex offender and criminal procedure



Training and Certifications

Office of Justice Court Support- Domestic violence certification, Albany New York.

Office of Justice Court Support- Judicial Ethics certification, Albany New York.

Office of Justice Court Support- Life cycle of a small claim certification, Albany New York.

Office of Justice Court Support- DWI sentencing certification, Albany New York.

Office of Justice Court Support- Pre- trial hearings certification, Albany New York.

Office of Justice Court Support- DMV updates certification, Albany New York.

The Council of Prevention and education (COPES)- Certified as a facilitator in implementation of the “Creating lasting Family Connections” program. Co- facilitated with Kingston’s CARE and James Childs, to present area families at risk. 

Task Force on Co- occurring Disorders and the New York State Office of Mental Health- Certified on the maintenance of substance abuse-free lives in the mentally impaired community.

Certification as a facilitator with “Thinking for a Change”- A cognitive change training for at risk individuals, which encourages personal growth through self-awareness, expressions of feelings, interpersonal communication and self-disclosure.

Co- facilitated 12 week programs for criminal offenders.  

Sponsored by the State of New York Division of Probation and Parole- Probation officer safety and survival training program completion.

Federal Judicial Center- Staff training program completion.

In Conjunction with the Dutchess County Department of Mental Health and the New York State Office of Mental Hygiene- Certification on “Dual Diagnosis: Strategies for treating the mentally ill chemical abuser”.

Sponsored by The Turning Point at St. Francis Hospital- Participated in the seminar “An alcohol primer for probation officers”.

Addiction Training at UCCC- On AIDS and substance abuse.

Workshop at Conifer Park Treatment Center- On “wellness and the helping professional in the criminal justice system”.

Speaker at Saugerties High School, in their Criminal Justice Class.

Participant in a Consortium- On “Violence in the school”. At the request of the Saugerties Town Board.

Sponsored by The New York State AIDS Institute- Completion of training on “Cultural diversity and gender issues in the workplace”.

Sponsored by the Veritas Villas Inc.- Training in “Counselor wellness: The importance of staying well when you work with sick people”.

The Bureau of Forensic Services- Completion of course of study on “Providing mental health services within the criminal justice system”.

State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services Municipal Training Council- Certification for successful completion of their training course in “Firearms and deadly physical force”.

Through the Bergen County Chapter of N.O.W- Certification as “Trainer in assertiveness training and consciousness raising”.

Sponsored by the Center for Educational Studies, Bergen County New Jersey- Certification of participation in a course of study on “Effectuation transactional analysis”.  

Training and Bergen County Helpline- Training and participation working in concert with the police and psychiatric facilities in providing guidance and counseling to consumers who called the twenty- four-hour hotline for emergency services.  

Sponsored by the Bridgeback Treatment Program, Kingston New York- Training in substance abuse treatment, personality disorders and the applicability of the DSM IV.

Presented by the Kingston Hospital- Training completed in “Critical factors in the dual disorder treatment”.




Performing Artists of Woodstock- Previous member of the Board of Trustees.

Saugerties Public Library- Previous member of the Board of Trustees.

Arm of the Sea Theater- Previous member of the Board of Trustees

Member of the Ulster County Disaster Task Force

League of Women Voters- Previous member.

Member of N.O.W.

New York State Probation Offices Association- Retired

Member of the New York State Magistrates Association

Member of the Ulster County Magistrates Association

Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge in North Carolina, Mississippi and North and South Carolina (as well as local Ulster County)

Endorsed by the Ulster County Democratic Women